Radioactive Man on the Radio!

In an earlier post, I mentioned that I’ve been doing some press work with Macmillan Cancer Support, specifically regarding how loneliness can affect cancer sufferers both during and after treatment. Well, today I travelled to Lincoln and the offices of BBC Radio Lincolnshire to be interviewed – along with Kathy Blythe from Macmillan – on Melvin Prior’s morning show.

I very much enjoyed my 25 minutes on air, and I hope I got most of my points across in a succinct manner, but it’s easy to be hyper-critical of yourself after the event (if I got paid for each ‘erm’ used, I’d be exceedingly wealthy by now). I suspect offers for a future career as a Radio DJ will not be forthcoming…

Anyway, it’s on BBC iPlayer for the next 7 days if you’d like to listen to it: go to 1:03 to catch the whole bit, or 1:08 to miss out Mike & The Mechanics’ “Living Years” 🙂

Melvyn Prior also tweeted this photograph he took during the show:



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