Radioactive again

I’ve had my combined PET/CT scan today, which makes me radioactive for a few hours. I’ve tried to do an Uncle Fester but no, light bulbs don’t work when I pop them in my mouth. Results should be available early next week, but as my next consultant’s appointment isn’t until May, I’m certainly going to be pestering for an earlier meeting. This scan was done in a mobile unit, the design of which closely follows the maxim, ‘form follows function’: every square inch of floor and wall space serves a purpose. As it’s basically a fancy (and hugely expensive) truck, sitting around for an hour whilst the radioactive glucose swims around you can be chilly, so you get to lounge around with a personal electric blanket. I tried reading, but I was snug and asleep in minutes…

The previous week I had an appointment with a physio specialising in Lymphoedema management and massage. I now have some Kinesio tape to apply to the neck region to assist in keeping the saggy bits in tension. Sadly, they only had blue, which I’m having a devil of a job matching to my many chiffon cravats.

Apart from that, I’ve just come back from a short break: a wedding on the terrace of a beautiful mountain restaurant, high in the French Alps, with the added bonus of three days skiing with wonderful friends. Having lost 24 kg in weight since my last trip a year ago, I seemed to be flying much faster than expected. My method remains ‘stylishly agricultural’, but just being there was a fantastic feeling after the past few months.

I’ll be back next week with the results…

Kinesio tape – not pretty:
Skiing in Fancy Dress, not a James Bond Convention:

A snowy mountain Wedding scene:



3 thoughts on “Radioactive again

  1. Fingers crossed after your time in the articulated bond villain lair trailer Theo. As it was a private concern called Alliance Medical I attempted to test their customer focus by asking if they could scan me in transit and drop me off. Customer focus rating was Soviet. In off for my phantom mask fitting next week. I hope to follow your lead and retain it post treatment. Glad you enjoyed your break. Good luck. G.


  2. Hi Theo,

    I was pointed to your blog by a fellow group member on the Macmillan community. I just wanted to say fair play to you for carrying yourself through such a bloody horrible experience with some style and a sense of humour. It sounds like you have a great attitude to life, so I’m sure you’ll come through this a stronger person as difficult as it sounds like it has been. (It worked for the Incredible Hulk?)

    I read through the whole blog and while we have very different types of cancer (I have mesothelioma) and different symptoms and treatments there are some common denominators that run through any -ema or -oma or whatever:-) Mostly psychological I’m sure.

    However, I really felt for you in that your particular version has affected your eating and drinking so much. It’s the simplest things in life we take for granted and they don’t get more fundamental than that.

    It was also very interesting to read your partner’s comments about supporting someone with cancer. I also write a website and have put up several articles relating to my cancer and prognosis. I have asked if my wife would be interested in writing about her experiences, feelings and coping mechanisms, but so far she prefers to stay private, and of course I would never push her to write an article if she didn’t want to, but I really think a ‘carers’ perspective is hugely interesting to others.

    Lastly, kudos on the music hoard. I’ll send you a pre-written pad of post-its:-)

    Keep writing and all the best.

    Independent Imagineer and Agitator in Chief

    P.S. WordPress is great isn’t it?!


    • Love your website! It’s late, I’m tired, but I’ll spend some time going through it over the next few days. You’re right: I started off wanting to speak to family, then try to be informative, but I want a lot more out of it now.

      I’ll keep writing, hope you do too. No, don’t bother with the post-its, and yes, WordPress is just fab!

      Best wishes


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