The Box that Needed Ticking…

…is the one that said that the results from the PET scan would be fine. Well, consider that box ticked!

I’ve just come back from seeing Dr. Sheehan, Senior Oncologist at Lincoln County Hospital, and he gave me the cheery news. The nasal camera inspection (I’ve made my peace with the device now) shows that the treated area is responding well, and though my throat is still sore and dry, I was assured that it will return to normal in time. My taste buds will eventually respond, though my saliva glands might have been well and truly blasted. I’ve continued to keep the weight off (and still losing a couple of pounds) but he doesn’t seem overly concerned. I was nervous about today: I’m feeling a whole lot better now…

I had a second meeting with the Lymphoedema physiotherapist last week. The combination of the Kinesiology tape and the massage seems to be working, and I can stop my neckline resembling Jeremiah Bullfrog (old song reference: one point if you guess the song), but you do have to keep to the regime, or the neck swells up pretty sharpish. Old ladies stop me in the Supermarket and ask me who slashed my neck when they see the tape: I’ve tried telling them about Lymphoedema but they glance at me quizzically. I’m just going to say “bad people” in future.

A subject that currently vexes me is renewing Insurance post-treatment. I have patently become a leper and, in an immortal phrase from Little Britain, “the computer says no”. My existing Broker couldn’t provide me with a new travel insurance policy, and my research kicked out quotations ranging from £800 to £2500 for single trip cover. This is plainly nuts (of the testicular variety).

Enter the Macmillan website: I found help in two forms, firstly from trawling through the online blogs and then asking, via their search engine, for ‘Getting travel insurance’. I now have a new policy which, though three times more than my previous premium for multi-trip cover, is at least reasonable compared to the original quotations. I won’t endorse them online as you may not get the same result, but the Macmillan search engine will certainly point you in the right direction.

Right, I’m off to celebrate a little victory – cheers, and a Happy Easter / Happy Pesach to you all!



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