Memo to self

It’s all too easy to become self-absorbed with your own daily issues during remission, and forget that others close to you have their lives to live and problems to deal with. Some of them may also be unwell, or frail, but nevertheless they were there for you when you needed them. They continue to worry about you, inquire as to how you’re doing, and offer help where they can.

Sound familiar? Remember when you were short with them at the time you were at a low point, but how they stoically continued to provide love and support? Hands up: I’m guilty (fair cop guv – but society’s not to blame). It’s all well and good saying that you were not thinking rationally at the time; that you were channelling your anger because you couldn’t control what was happening to you, but when you come out of this dark tunnel with your marbles intact (and your body healing), remember those who were there when you most needed them – and are still there for you. Just a reminder that being with people you love, and who love you in return, is one of the most pleasurable and rewarding things you can do in the short time you get on this planet.

Self flagellation over with for now: it’s a lovely sunny day and I’m enjoying a cup of coffee in the garden, a Caravan compilation playing on Spotify (perfect 70s prog soundtrack), test cricket about to start and four weeks of prancing, gyrating prima donnas on the TV to look forward to – no, not the Royal Ballet, the World Cup, silly. Players on stratospheric salaries with rampant egos, portraying shameful on-pitch behaviour; truly abysmal refereeing decisions; crass punditry, half-built stadiums with painted pitches (I kid you not) and the perennially disappointing England team – yes, I shall revel in all of it. 

At least there’s the rugby to look forward to: I’ll be watching the NZ v England game early Saturday morning. So by the time most people will be reading this, I’ll either be screaming “Bring on the RU 2015 World Cup!” or murmuring “they were only friendlies, anyway…” 

Hope you all enjoy the three days that constitute the British Summer 🙂


PS. 101 uses for a Radiotherapy Mask No.4: have it join your band on bass guitar.