There’s an awful lot of Coffee in Brazil

Six weeks since the last visit to Oncology, I’ve just returned from my latest check up (this time involving both the nasal intrusion and a full jaw x-ray) and the news is all good: in essence, nothing to report. The neck is fine, the jaw looks solid, and the treated area looks good. Yes, the throat is still sore (especially at night); my teeth still feel ‘funny’, but no undue concern. What is there to say when the Consultant has no bad news to impart? Can you write constantly about ‘cautious optimism’? Do you go into detail regarding the merry tunes you hum to yourself when you leave the hospital? Or the fact that you might just have a nice glass of something to celebrate the latest news, even if, in reality, that might not be such a good idea?

Things have altered these past few months – my diet; body size and shape (I’m more oblong than circle these days); alcohol consumption; work patterns. There is definitely a ‘BC’ and ‘PC’ period: the bad habits you had pre-diagnosis and the better ones you’re attempting to adhere to post-treatment. I’m more cognisant of how I feel about the things I love: music has never sounded – or felt – better, the sun is sunnier, my family and friends are lovelier, etc. Sadly, I don’t feel the same way about food: it just doesn’t taste as agreeable as I remember it, and the textures are intermittently uncomfortable and unappealing. However, coffee is certainly more pleasurable, and having found a small delicatessen locally (Porter Provisions in Newark) that roasts their own beans, I shall be working my way through their entire repertoire and become a coffee aficionado. There’s more to coffee than Brazil…

Speaking of which, it seems that my previous comments regarding the expected appalling behaviour by some of our football ‘stars’ was borne out for all to see during the World Cup, alongside the impotence of the English football squad and management (a tad harsh? Nope). That said, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the football, even if the play acting wouldn’t pass muster in local am-dram societies. However, the USA v Belgium match was a worthwhile advertisement for the game, played in the right spirit by both sides (even Liz enjoyed it – I can’t tell you how much of a surprise that was). The final should be interesting as the nationalities of both the current and previous (non-active) Pope take each other on for the third time. Actually, two Popes in a ring could be an interesting contest – please email your suggestions for likely ecumenical sporting challenges.

Enough stream of consciousness babble for now: we’re off to see the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race return to London this Saturday. We will join thousands of spectators descending on St Katharine Docks to welcome the twelve-strong fleet back to London after almost eleven-months circumnavigating the globe – should be a marvellous sight.

Until the next time!



1 thought on “There’s an awful lot of Coffee in Brazil

  1. I Love the caffeine Lennon mate. I hope it fares better than the topiary Ringo did a couple of years ago (decapitated, drumsticks used as suppository). I think Lennon would have approved.


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