Take good care of yourself

I haven’t posted for a few weeks, but having delved through the site stats I noticed that the blog has been in existence for just over six months, with 5,000+ views. It’s received some very positive feedback from a variety of sources, for which I would like to thank you all. I’ll make sure to add frivolous content on a regular basis: hopefully it continues to inform and make people laugh / wretch uncontrollably. 

My consultant visits are now at 8-week intervals, with the next one set for the first week of September: they obviously feel that, almost 10 months after treatment finished I’m considered a lower risk (or they’re just too busy / can’t be bothered). Having said that, my throat remains sore and dry overnight, the jaw is still an issue, the lower neck has to be pummelled three times a day to drain fluid, and ‘dense’ food continues to be a problem – but taste is improving. Unfortunately, red wine is off the list: I keep trying, but just can’t enjoy it. Damn and blast… 

There was an interesting article in the Lancet last week relating to the link between 10 of the most common cancers and being overweight/obesity, with a warning that an expanding waist could be the cause of approximately 3,500 new cancer cases each year. The study identified that the risk of developing each cancer rose with each 5kg/m2 in body mass index. There are caveats in any body of research, but as the findings were based on data from over 5 million people, it has enough validity for me to continue keeping the weight off: during / post-treatment I lost 24kg, then put 2kg back on, and it has now stabilised. 

Fresh fruit, salads, fish, chicken, pasta & sauces, yoghurts, etc.: these all work well for me. Nuts (non roasted or salted) are also on the agenda, but try as I might, almonds defeat me. It’s like chewing wet concrete, but not as tasty. Exercise has been sporadic, but I now spend 20 minutes a day, 5 days a week, on a rower. I need to sip water every 5 minutes as the mouth & throat gets dry, but it’s going well: I reckon I’ll reach London soon.

I’m busy with design and project management work – part time, but it’s great to be involved again, and I’m enjoying it a lot. Apart from that, we’ve spent some time watching the cricket, including two days at the Oval watching a resurgent England team demolish a completely disinterested Indian side. Finally, we’re looking forward to going away for a rather special holiday later in the year, to make up for the one we had to cancel last year. We’ve just had a whole selection of vaccination shots; it’s no surprise that I’m completely cured of my fear of needles now… 

Catch up soon!

 PS. Yes, you’ve guessed, the heading is yet another song title 🙂

PPS. 101 uses for a Radiotherapy Mask No.5: invite it to Costume Balls


…and a day at the Oval



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