Songs to listen to during treatment


Alright, not my actual playlist, but a few of these great tunes got an airing during my treatment days, led by the mighty Kraftwerk:


  1. Kraftwerk – “Radio-Activity”
  2. Jackson Five – “Doctor My Eyes”
  3. Rolling Stones – “Sister Morphine”
  4. Gregory Isaacs – “Night Nurse”
  5. Editors – “Smokers Outside The Hospital Doors”
  6. Ben Folds Five – “Hospital Song”
  7. Goldfrapp – “A&E”
  8. Thompson Twins – “Doctor Doctor”
  9. The Prodigy – “Take Me To The Hospital”
  10. Kings of Leon – “Radioactivity” (yes, two Radioactivity’s but both different and equally great)

Any suggestions for the next 10? Let me know!